Why are we here?

The Byos Platform was created as a solution for a deeply concerning problem: connecting to public WiFi networks.

After spending more time outside of the office, with the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, our team felt exposed to network vulnerabilities and dissatisfied with the lack of adequate protection tools offered by the market.

Our first product, The Byos’ Network Security Platform, was built for businesses that have travelling or remote employees and for those organizations that work with high value client data, sensitive information, or intellectual property.

Byos was designed and developed by our in-house security specialists. Our team has experience in providing defensive and offensive security solutions, on-demand incident detection and response services, personalized strategy planning and execution, and high-end hands-on technical training.

We built the technology with the vision of having our firmware included on every networking device in the world. As the world becomes more connected, protecting the world’s most critical assets (energy platforms, biomedical devices, automobiles, ATMs, PoS systems, and IoT devices, etc.) from advanced network threats is our mission.

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