The Problem


Public Wi-Fi is insecure

Malicious agents have direct visibility of any device connected to the network.

VPNs are not enough

They only protect data in transit. Devices are still exposed to attackers.

IT Teams Lack ControL

IT does not have enough control over remote employee network connections.


The Solution

Byos Portable Secure Gateway

Byos replaces 90% of an enterprise security stack with a portable USB device

An increasing amount of devces are connecting to public WiFi networks from places like airports, hotels, and coffee shops. Although remote working has given employees a better work-life balance, it has created problems for IT departments. Increasing the number of endpoint connections outside of an IT department’s control adds organizational risk because connecting to public WiFi networks increases a computer’s probability of being attacked. 


Businesses have become increasingly more reliant on the use of data for their competitive advantage; Information systems are now viewed as an integral part of business strategy and not just an afterthought. In combination with a global skills shortage of qualified cyber security professionals, IT departments are overworked and under-resourced.

Other than making their organizations more secure, a CISOs top priority is making IT departments more productive. Streamlining manual processes and consolidating existing IT infrastructure. That’s why we have created the Byos Portable Secure Gateway: hardware-enforced isolation of endpoints giving insights and control over networking devices back to IT departments.