Byos is an enterprise security tool comprising of two parts:

Portable Secure Gateway

The Byos Portable Secure Gateway is a technology agnostic device providing hardware-enforced isolation from the connected network.

It plugs into an end-user’s computer through a USB, facilitating the computer’s network connection, replacing the computer’s network card, adding a hop to the route.

The Portable Secure Gateway protects the user’s computer from malicious activities transmitted through any access point, putting the computer in a protective isolation.

Byos Enterprise
Management interface (EMI)

The Byos EMI gives IT and IS departments insight and control over all connected networking devices.

The EMI is a web-based console, showing the security status of individual endpoints and is used to control a whole organization’s fleet of Portable Secure Gateway devices.

Using the EMI, Network administrators can remotely configure multiple Portable Secure Gateways at once, setting or modifying IT / IS policies in real-time.

The Portable Secure Gateway is issued to:

  • Travelling or remote employees

  • Organization’s with a heavy IP protection requirement  

  • Fluid/contractor-centric workplaces     

  • Secret operations

  • Legacy computers

The EMI is used by:

  • Network Administrators

  • IT System Analysts

  • SOC Analysts

  • Security Analysts

  • CSOs