Byos Portable Secure Gateway

Network security without compromising on speed.


Hardware-Enforced Network Security

The Byos Portable Secure Gateway provides Hardware Enforced endpoint isolation from network threats.


Plug and Play

No installation or security knowledge is needed to use the Byos Portable Secure Gateway. Plug it in, and you’re instantly protected.


Secure Connection From ANywhere

Connect to any public Wi-Fi network and have a portable enterprise security stack on the go.

For Professionals

Protect yourself and your business when connected to public Wi-Fi.

For Enterprise

Hardware-Enforced Network Security for all your employees.

For Manufacturers

Embed a Hardware layer of Network Security into your products.

Hardware > Software.

Byos provides a level of protection that software cannot match. We call this concept: Hardware-Enforced Network Security.

VPNs are not enough.

The way we work has changed. The threats have become more sophisticated. And VPNs are only partially protecting you.

Network security on the go.

Bring network security wherever you go because Public Wi-Fi is insecure.


As the world has become more connected, companies are creating more flexible organizations and employees are working outside of the office more frequently.

Security software does not effectively isolate a computer from modern network threats.