Byos Network Security Platform

Enterprise Security Teams use the Byos Network Security Platform (NSP) to better protect and manage endpoints. Byos NSP connects the Byos Enterprise Management Interface (EMI) with a fleet of Byos Portable Secure Gateway devices to reduce the risk of breach from the Endpoint.


Hardware-Enforced Endpoint Security

The Byos Portable Secure Gateway devices provide hardware-enforced endpoint isolation from network threats.


Plug and Play Security

The Byos Network Security Platform is web-based, facilitated by the Portable Secure Gateway hardware device, for agent-less endpoint security.

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SecureD Network Connection From ANywhere

Employees can connect using any public WiFi network and have Enterprise Security Stack protection on the go.

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Global Management Capabilities

Security Analysts and Network Administrators can see the real-time internet connections of all enabled Portable Secure Gateway devices using the web-based Enterprise Management Interface.


As the world has become more connected, companies are creating more flexible organizations and employees are working outside of the office more frequently.

Security software does not effectively isolate a computer from modern network threats.