You should be in control of your own internet connection.

With Byos, now you are.


Protection Anywhere

Protect yourself on any public Wi-Fi using Hardware
Enforced Network Security



Byos provides full security without reducing the Wi-Fi speeds or slowing down your device


Control your traffic

Control inbound and outbound traffic by country, IP address, or domain name

Public Wi-Fi is insecure

VPNs only protect your data in transit, leaving your device exposed to anyone on the network. That’s why we created Byos - a portable secure gateway that fully protects your device. We call it Hardware-Enforced Network Security, because Software protection isn’t enough for modern network threats.



Watch the product in action


Protect yourself while travelling abroad


Using public Wi-Fi in a foreign country is all about convenience, but it doesn’t come without risk. Whether you’re a journalist abroad or just a frequent traveller wanting better protection, Byos preserves your online anonymity and privacy of your device by masking its identity, so you cannot be seen by others on the network.

Professionals need more protection

Your client’s depend on you to keep their information safe. Whether you’re a developer, lawyer, doctor, engineer, or in the financial services industry, you need to be cognizant of the network threats that exist. Protect your devices with Byos so you can protect your reputation and your clients best interests in mind.


How the Byos Portable Secure Gateway Works


Plug it in

Put your device into Airplane Mode and connect your Byos device


Log in

Open a browser and type my.byos. Login to the dashboard with the provided credentials.



Select the desired Wi-Fi, connect and enjoy full network security