Hardware-Enforced Network Security for your connected devices

Embed Byos technology into your IoT devices for an added layer of protection against modern network threats.


Embedded Network Security

The Embedded Secure Gateway provides a robust layer of hardware security for increased protection of connected devices.


True Network

Hardware-enforcement eliminates exposure of existing software vulnerabilities. It also contains network-based threats so the infection spread count is limited to 1.


Legacy OS Compatibility

The Embedded Secure Gateway reduces the exposure of vulnerabilities existing within legacy devices.

Protect Connected Medical Devices

Connected medical devices within healthcare facilities pose a significant risk to the overall security of the network; legacy operating systems, exposed ports and services, and a lack of device segmentation are common issues facing medical device manufacturers today. Read more about how Byos Embedded Secure Gateway can add a layer of security to protect all connected medical devices.


Hardware > Software


The Byos Embedded Secure Gateway provides a level of protection that software cannot match. We call this concept: Hardware-Enforced Network Security.

Preventing Lateral Network Access

Recent breaches indicate network security measures haven’t kept pace with threats. Including the Embedded Secure Gateway within your security infrastructure can prevent attackers from accessing unauthorized areas within your network.


Hardware-Enforced Network Security Protection


Multi-layered Protection

The Byos ESG provides security mechanisms across OSI layers 1-5, and is compatible with both wired and wireless networks.


Manufactured in
North America

The Byos ESG is built on a proprietary hardware board and has a certified supply chain of components, ensuring there are no hidden backdoors or malicious spyware.


Flexible Implementation

The Byos ESG has a customizable hardware board for non-invasive integration with existing product lines.