Employees routinely connect to insecure networks.

With Byos, they now have full network security wherever they work.


Protect employee devices

A Portable Secure Gateway for every employee ensures protection no matter where they connect from.


Isolate attacks from
the core network

Hardware-enforcement provides containment of internet-borne threats; if there is an infection, the spread count is limited to 1.


Remotely Enforce
IT Policies

Create and push policies to all employees in real-time, controlling their internet connection and browsing.

Protect Remote and Travelling Employees

Employees are connecting from uncontrolled networks daily, expanding the edge of the corporate network. Nothing has protected their devices from attackers on public Wi-Fi until the Byos Portable Secure Gateway.



Remote Administration of IT Policies


Secure Guest and Contractor Access


Guests and Contractors connecting to corporate networks pose a security threat - The Target malware breach could have been contained with Byos Portable Secure Gateway.

VPNs don’t meet the needs of the modern organization

When employees are working remotely, connecting using a VPN is the main protection strategy. But the modern threat landscape has become more sophisticated and VPNs are no longer enough for protecting your company data.


Hardware-Enforced Network Security Protection


Private DNS

Byos PSG runs a self-hosted encrypted DNS server, keeping the confidentiality of the user’s browsing data.



Byos PSG maintains direct and confidential communications with the network gateway, preventing poisoning of routing tables.


Direct Attack Detection

Byos PSG stops directed threats, blocking fingerprinting, enumeration, DoS, and exploit attacks.